Feedback from our customers is perhaps one of our most valuable

tools to help us continue creating great work. Well, that and our

Keurig coffee machine that keeps us laser-focused.

Bragging Rights

Everyone Has Been Talking


“Just wanted to let you know that EVERYONE has been talking about how amazing our booths are. Our hard work is certainly paying off. Your diligence to go through several iterations has made us the premier company on campus.”


– Manager, Global Management Trainee Program, Anheuser-Busch

Every Little Detail


“All of your hard work was so evident, down to every little detail. I adore working with your team and can only hope we might have the chance to do so again. Please know this note comes with enormous gratitude for your partnership and friendship!”


– Director of Alumni Relations, MICDS (Mary Institute/Country Day School)

Amazing Is All I Can Say


" all I can say. The support and execution by the GO Team was simply outstanding in every way. From day one, your team was on top of every detail. Words cannot describe last night. I'm sitting here on the plane and trying to find the right adjective. Wow? Unbelievable? Incredible? Surreal? Outstanding? Exhilarating? Perfect?


"All of the above work, but needless to say, you have to combine multiple adjectives to describe the precision that delivered what I believe to be the best NACS party we've ever done. Thanks for delivering an amazing, unbelievably incredible, surreal, outstanding, exhilarating, absolutely perfect evening!!!"


– VP National Retail Sales, Supermarkets, Anheuser-Busch

Commitment to Quality


“A heartfelt feeling of gratitude for your professionalism, your dedication, your attention to detail, your commitment to quality, your ability to see the big picture, your negotiation skills, your kindness, your warmth, and most importantly, your joyful spirit...working with you is a treat on sooo many levels!”


– Director of Development, MICDS (Mary Institute/Country Day School)

A Tremendous Show

“I thought this year’s party was about the best that I had ever attended. You did a great job in accommodating everyone’s ticket requests, meetings, sampling, etc. Just a tremendous show and I appreciate all of your efforts.”


– VP Customer Affairs, Hershey’s

Great Work

"We can’t thank you enough for the great work you did on the Balloon Glow materials and really look forward to expanding and improving upon all aspects of the event for next year."


– Special Events Manager, Humane Society of Missouri

This Year Was Outstanding

“Great job on the booth. This year was OUTSTANDING. The look and feel and the engagement were second to none. Particularly the engagement part... Well done. See you down the road."


– Director of Business Development, Ziosk

So Many Compliments

"A BIG, BIG thank you for all your good work — we are receiving so many compliments — everyone had a GREAT time! It was a spectacular night!"


– Director of Development, MICDS

The Ultimate Customer Service

"We cannot thank you enough for all your extra help and for diligently working with us to take care of our customers. You display the ultimate customer service."


– VP/Director of Marketing, Convenience Store Sales Division, S&D Coffee

The Largest Party We Host

"Your event is one of the largest parties we host at the venue and one of the most detail-oriented events. Thank goodness for the GO Team because to produce this event it definitely takes a village. Always a pleasure to work with the GO Team. I look forward to next time."


– Special Events Director, Tabernacle

Professionalism & Attention to Detail

"Professionalism, attention to detail, ability to meet and exceed expectations and vision are just some of the strong attributes that quickly rise to the surface. (Mary Colon) has a wonderful team that she works with but manages her clients very closely and in my experience is very hands-on from start to finish. They do a good deal of work in the foodservice industry so she’ll have a running start at the pressure points that foodservice suppliers often face.”


– Vice President, Sponsor Relations and Retailer Recruitment, CSP Business Media, LLC 

A Smashing Success

"Huge thanks to you and the GO team for making the WWT GSM a smashing success. You and the GO team could not have made it easier for us to get set up and running with the BEST booth at the show!  Thanks again for all of your hard work and patience throughout the process.”


– President, ZeroDay Technology Solutions